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We realize transfers from A to Z. We advise in choosing club, we set up priorities together with a player and then we implement them. We consider not only financial aspects of the transfer, but also club’s sport level and possibilities of player’s development.


  • Legal services related with negotiating and concluding contracts with clubs
  • Drafting of professional contracts with volleyball players
  • Representing players and clubs in negotiations
  • Representing players and clubs in transfer procedure at Polish National Volleyball Association and at the foreign authorities
  • Volleyball market analysis and search for clubs and players
  • Scouting services
  • Statistical analysis and selection of players over the whole season
  • Making contacts with clubs, coaches and officials
  • organizing tests for players both in Poland and abroad


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We work with players at different career stages and diverse sports levels. We believe that management is not only a service reserved for the best.

Olympia Sports Management

Legal Services

We combine legal knowledge and experience in management of sports careers. We are best at sport-related cases.


Professional contract, legally complete, is very important for a players’ career…


Player or club success is usually a source of new challenges: organizational and financial…


Taxes are always too high. do you really have to pay so much? we advise in tax optimization…


We represent players in all kinds of conflicts, including cases at the court of arbitration…


We shape public relations – contacts with media, clubs and fans. We care about good and true image of our clients.



Efficient media contacts require communication expertise and connections in journalist circles.


Social media is not only about fans – it is often the fastest way to contact a player.


High quality website is a professional must-have. It simplifies contacts and it is the perfect place for resume, video materials and opinions about a player.


Staying in touch with fans can be time-consuming. However, fans remain the primary part of sport and they deserve attention.


Connections and experience is not enough. We build our business upon professional knowledge and extensive analysis.



We constantly analyze data from our own sources and correlate it with the available public data.


Data aggregated by the agency allows us to choose the best players for each position and role in a team.


We cooperate with professional statisticians and sports analysts. Thanks to their know-how we base our work on verifiable criteria.

Statystyki Olympia Sports Management

We founded our business upon thorough analysis and observation. We continuously probe the market and scrutinize clubs and players.

Olympia Sports Management

Who we are

We are the first on Polish market professional volleyball agency. Our goal is to help players to make progress – both sports and financial, and to help clubs in their businesses. Moving to another club is a chance for a dynamic career development. To conclude a good transfer you need to know the procedures, law and market, as well as you need to have negotiations skills. Our goal is to provide management services to the wide scope of players – we believe that this will help to raise the sports and organisational level of volleyball in Poland.

Kuba Pietrasik, portret


I am a legal adviser and a volleyball player. I still play volleyball and observe the progress of volleyball in Poland. Having my own law firm and cooperating with football agency I realised that despite the progress of the whole discipline, careers of many players are still led unprofessionally.

I decided to change this and to connect passion with my legal experience to provide players with the high quality management services, focused on full professionalism. That is why Olympia Sports Management has been established – to help volleyball players on all levels of their careers. In Olympia Sports Management we connect highest level of sports and transfer services with professional legal advice.


Since childhood I have been involved in volleyball. I used to play in UMKS MOS Wola Warszawa with which I had won several medals in Polish Championships. Later on I used to play in I and II league teams. After my adventure as a player I started working as a statistician, previously in Politechnika Warszawska, then in Camper Wyszków. Currently I work with youth players as a coach and I concentrate on searching for young volleyball talents. In the past 4 years I worked with Sebastian Pawlik as an assistant coach and I had my part in winning by players from year 1997 European Championship in cadet category in 2015, golden medal on Youth European Games in cadet category in 2015, World Championship in cadet category in 2015 and European Championship in junior category in 2015.

In Olympia Sports Management I am the sports analyst and statistician. I am also responsible for scouting. I help players with developing their talents, as well as I help them with pursuing their careers in professional sport.

Paweł Kowal, portret


Olympia Sports Management is both sports agency and a law firm. Articles published in top legal services are proofs of our legal quality.


Texts written by Jakub Pietrasik, legal adviser and the owner of Olympia Sports Management, are regularly published in legal services. Jakub Pietrasik takes part in public discussions held in media, as an expert on sports law.

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